Anti Money Laundering

AML & Compliance

Updated – September 2018 - Edited by TECHNIGO LTD

BANKEO sets up the group of policies and procedures in order to actively pursue the detection and prevention of money laundering and any activity that facilitates money laundering or funding of terrorist or criminal activities or such acts designed to conceal or disguise the true origins of criminally derived proceeds so that unlawful proceeds appear to have been derived from legitimate origins or constitute legitimate assets.

2. What does the UK law require from BANKEO?

  • 2.1. Verify identity and address of the Clients;
  • 2.2. Keep full records of all transactions together with identification provided;
  • 2.3. Monitor any unusual or suspicious transactions of any size;
  • 2.4. Report to TRACFIN any suspicious transaction.

3. What does BANKEO do?

BANKEO is involved in seeking and combating criminal activities through various compliance processes:

  • 3.1. Know Your Customer (KYC) – identify and verify the Clients before transaction;
  • 3.2. Customer Due Diligence (CDD) – regular monitoring of this KYC information;
  • 3.3. Keeping transaction records for all the transactions, which are reasonably necessary to enable that transaction to be readily reconstructed at any time;
  • 3.4. Customer Screening and Payment Monitoring;
  • 3.5. Reporting suspicious Transactions;
  • 3.6. Implementation of an AML compliance regime;
  • 3.7. Regular trainings for the Staff.

BANKEO makes investments into the advanced compliance tools, which help to fulfil AML Compliance requirements.

4. What are You asked to do?

All our Clients are required to confirm their identity and personal details both when they apply to be new customers or have been our customers for any period of time.

Your cooperation contributes to the successful fight against money laundering and terrorist financing.

5. What is the reason?

Criminals turn money made from drug business, smuggling or arms trafficking into legal by using false identities or taking the names of innocent people.

In order to prevent crime and terrorism BANKEO makes sure that Clients are who they say they are. BANKEO does not accept cash transactions. BANKEO holds confidentially any information about

Your identity and will help stop your identity being used in a counterfeit way.