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Bankeo works in close collaboration with key institutions

in such manner that it maintains optimal supervision and security on each and every financial operation by means of state-of-the-art technology made available to the general public.

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Who are we?

about Bankeo

We are a young and dynamic team of French expats based in London, the cradle of the FinTech movement (globalization of the use of technology in the financial sector).
BANKEO’s financial experts are here to guide and assist clients in opening and managing their bank account, and developing an investment strategy.

At times, certain seemingly harmless changes in life can actually have surprisingly complicated and costly consequences, which is why it is highly advisable to rely on experts.


Solutions for the daily management of your finances

  • Customer service available 7 days / week
  • Instant account opening
  • Ease of use
  • Transparent rates
  • Short-term funding solutions
  • Debit card
  • Account summaries & reports
  • Overall view of your financial situation with Bankeo
  • Pay your bills by direct debit

Services & Advantages

Solutions for the daily management of your finances

Debit Cards

Order your own debit cards in a few simple clicks and enjoy high credit limits for universally accepted payments. Unlike with traditional banking institutions, you are entitled to several cards.

International wire transfers

In a few simple clicks, carry out all your domestic, SEPA and non-SEPA transfers at low cost. Save up to 6 % when you wire money overseas with Bankeo. You can transfer 25 currencies to any bank, company, or friend at the real applicable exchange rate.

Next-generation security

Bankeo offers a service based on a robust security system: HTTPS-secure communication (TLS 1.2 protocol), PCI DSS 3.2 high availability data servers. Block and unblock your card at your convenience in a single click. Instantly activate and deactivate online payments.

Instant IBAN

With Bankeo, everything is done directly online. Obtain your IBAN upon completion of your registration.

Simplified account opening

Online registration for any type of business, whether it is already operating or still in the process of formation.

Budget management

Manage your professional finances in all simplicity via your tablet or mobile phone.


Business bank account

Bank account opening procedure

The first step of the account opening process is to complete the opening form. Choose among the following options:

  • Download the printable form and send it back to us by post;
  • Fill out the form directly on the website;
  • Request to receive the form by post.

Required information

Make sure you have available all the following information and documents in order for us to process your request as quickly as possible:

  • Personal information: Passport / National ID card, residential address, phone number and email;
  • Your Certificate of Incorporation (or equivalent official company identification documents)
  • Proof of residence issued in the last three months

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You have not found the answer to your problem / question? Contact us

Do not hesitate to contact us: our team is at your disposal to assist you with any issue you may face, or if you have any question about our services not listed in this section. You can send us an email at contact@bankeo.co.uk, or leave us a message via our Facebook page.

No. BANKEO operates under prudential regulations of payment institutions, and its services are therefore entirely supervised by competent authorities. An BANKEO account enables to carry out all types of day-to-day transactions such as payment transfers or credit card payments, but unlike a traditional bank account, the former cannot be overdrawn.
Absolutely. Your money is maintained under the highest standards of security in an account to which you alone have access. Moreover, BANKEO offers a service that relies on robust security protocols: encrypted HTTPS protocol, 2048-bit SSL certificate with TLS encryption, ECDSA with P-256 and SHA-256 algorithms).
Opening an BANKEO account is a simple process done directly online and in a matter of minutes. No more useless paperwork and endless mail exchanges: your login details and your IBAN are forwarded to you immediately after finalizing and validating your registration.
Any company in the process of setting up may deposit its initial capital in its BANKEO account either via wire transfer or credit card. We will also send you all the relevant documents in relation to the deposit, particularly the deposit certificate required by the Register of Commerce in order to validate the creation of your company and forward you your registration number. The deposit certificate is issued as soon as the funds are received.
BANKEO is a service available to all widespread French legal business structures, as listed below:
  • e-commerce
  • Franchises
  • Large enterprises (Ltd.)
  • Social and administrative bodies
  • Associations
  • Liberal professions
  • Self-employed (micro-businesses)
  • Artisans / shop owners
If your business is still in the process of creation, BANKEO enables you to open an account and deposit your initial capital by wire transfer or by credit card, following which a deposit certificate will be issued. BANKEO is also available to foreign companies registered in France.
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